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A great picture can be worth 1,000 words. Timelink USA’s advanced line of interactive flat panels and display solutions does just that. We help provide images that paint a clear picture for our clients. Making the world more visible, and provide a new level for teamwork. Let’s exceed all performance goals.

Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Timelink USA’s interactive displays are created for successful teamwork and effortless communication. Our advanced technology exceeds previous versions of interactive monitors. Our products work well in boardrooms, classrooms, and anywhere people are found. Let our products allow you to excel and provide excellent customer service.

Interactive Video Walls

TimeLink USA’s professional displays are specially engineered for vertically based applications and are offered in a wide range of sizes. From influential digital signage solutions, to cutting-edge interactive video walls, Timelink USA’s ultra-sharp displays help you collaborate, connect, and distribute information with high impact.

Interactive Whiteboard

TimeLink USA’s interactive whiteboards are a catalyst for group contribution. Our interactive whiteboards instantly add participation and encourage critical thinking and problem-solving to any session.

Multi-Touch Screen

TimeLink USA’s multi-touch screen offers the optimal solution for converting a normal monitor into a multi-touch monitor. It turns normal output displays into an interactive input solution to untether your world.

Face recoginition thermodetector

TimeLinkUSA combines face recognition with infrared thermography to realize close range, contactless face recognition, and temperature detection. Contactless testing is able to greatly reduce the probability of contact infections and detect temperature anomalies in advance