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Short-wave light dominates more and more areas of life. Our apartments, offices and streets are flooded around the clock with artificial light from LED lamps, which practically always have too much blue light. The blue light at close range from the screens of our smartphones, tablets, PCs and TVs makes things more difficult. But our eyes and our biorhythms are by nature not made to withstand such stress over the long term. Protect yourself and your children with our effective PRiSMA Bluelight Protect filter systems before these stresses exceed your individual tolerance threshold.


For people who work at a computer long hours. 
Boss making you work long hours at the computer? Looking at spreadsheet after spreadsheet? You busting your behind at the computer trying to get ahead? Anti-blue light glasses will reduce blurred vision and fatigue, improve your quality of life and save your vision.  


  • Model: FN923D, FN704, FN709
  • Blue light protection PRO approx. 99%(400 -500nm)
  • Reduction of reflections
  • Contrast enhancing
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Relaxes the eyes
  • Protects the photoreceptor cells in the macular area of the retina
  • Light and robust
  • 99.9% UV400 filter


Many gamers complain of complaints such as red, burning and watery eyes during long gaming nights. PRiSMA screen filter glasses with their specially calculated filter properties protect your eyes by safely filtering out the high blue component from the light.                             Protect yourself from the light radiation of flat screens while gaming and working with the PRiSMA bluelight protect gamer glasses.


  • Model: WB702
  • Blue light protection EASY approx. 90% (380-500nm)
  • Contrast enhancement
  • TV-compatible
  • Relieves the strain on the eyes
  • Light and robust
  • 99.9% UV400 protection


Modern flat screens (TV and PC) emit a light with a high content of short wavelengths blue light. This light puts a strain on the eyes, and can damage it irreversibly (blue light damage, oxidative stress). Blue light also influences the hormonal balance (e.g. melatonin), which can lead to symptoms such as diminished sleep quality. Children´s eyes in particular are at risk. Already in 2010, the French Institute for Environmental Safety (ANSES) has emphasized that children´s eyes are affected by blue light to a much greater extend than the eye of adults, since children´s eyes have no natural protection. With the new PRiSMA blue light protection glasses for children, your kids don´t only wear necessary protection glasses, they might have found their new favorite accessory! The KiDS protection glasses here offer a high level of protection from blue light while at the same time allowing for good color recognition.


  • Model: BX704B (black), BX704P (purple)
  • Blue light protection approx. 95% (up to 500nm)
  • Break-proof and flexible nylon frame
  • Suitable for watching TV
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Relaxes the eyes
  • 99.9% UV400 protection


You can find sunglasses at every petrol station, in every drugstore. But not ours from PRiSMA, because few products place such high demands on protection and beauty as sunglasses. As a German manufacturer, we have been successful with innovative eye protection solutions for around 25 years. Why are we only now bringing our first sunglasses collection onto the market? Because we do not make concessions on eye protection and our concentrated expertise in blue light protection, color filters and the physiology of vision in natural light should also flow into our sunglasses. The SunProtect model range offers maximum visual comfort because its tint is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios. SunProtect impresses with both excellent natural color rendering and very good protection against blue light. The glasses of the PRiSMA SunProtect are mirrored and polarized (against reflections and reflections) for the best possible glare protection.


  • Model: FL510 (blue), FL480 (purple)
  • 99% Bluelight obstruction ratio
  • Effective reduction of glare effects
  • Maximum visual comfort
  • SunnyMood mirroring
  • Relaxes the eyes
  • 99.9% UV400 protection

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