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Enterprise solutions

Timelink USA’s interactive touch displays provides the best creative collaboration solutions. Interactive flat panel displays are needed in your conference room. So, you can connect and work with people everywhere. Video walls for your lobby to excite clients and brighten up your employee’s day. We have all the answers to your problems and are here to help business run smoothly. Timelink USA’s collection of enterprise interactive solutions let you connect to employees, patients, or clients in a positive. Let us show you how our products can change the way you work.

 Enterprise Industry Applications

We provide companies with reliable and innovative tools. Allowing you to conduct fun meetings and exciting events. More ways to increase new and returning business. But, don’t just take our word for it.  Experience it yourself!
Patient collaboration room
The health field is in need now more than ever. Our interactivity and ultra-4K resolution interactive flat panel displays are here to help. Access to hospitals, healthcare systems, and patient information becomes easier to find. In a fast paced and always changing place this is important. Doctor’s need assistance, but sometimes it’s not always easy to get. TimeLink USA makes working on a health team quick in easy.
Hotel Banquet Room
Hotel banquet rooms are used for so many things. Weddings, conferences, family reunions and class reunions. TimeLink USA’s Interactive Video Wall makes any occasion a little more enjoyable. A wedding slide show or interactive presentation is what clients what to experience.  The perfect backdrop for any occasion. That will set you banquet room apart from others.
Lobby Area
Provide information, create an inviting space and a pleasurable atmosphere. This is what every lobby area should create. TimeLink USA’s video wall and interactive display solutions can do that for you. We want your lobby to be an extension of your brand. A place that people want to come back to. But most importantly, help customers make a great decision about your company.
 Traveling made simply is what we aim for.  Therefore access to directions and final destinations should be made easy.  TimeLink USA’s video wall solutions does just that. Providing needed information and relieving stress. We help make traveling easy, so travelers can relax. Our displays provide entertainment and advertising while enhancing the traveling experience.