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Education Solutions

Interactive products in the classroom has great results and helps creates memories. It increases test scores, excitement to learn, and better memory of the material. This works for preschool, K-12 and higher learning. In fact, 69% of teachers saw a positive increase in test scores. 84% reported improved interest in the classwork, and an overall increase of 72% in recalling the material. Timelink USA’s educational products does just that. Our products provide an added benefit to the classroom needs. We are focused on a great student experience. Our collection of education products helps teachers in reaching their students. We make a difference through touch-enhanced interactive learning. But, we want you to see for yourself! So, contact us today to learn more.
education solutions

TimeLinkUSA offers solutions for all kinds of schools from K-12 to higher education. Our solutions make it easier to keep students focused and engaged, wherever they may be. Lesson plans are easier to implement and administration is more informed with our collaboration solutions.  

Remote Learning Solutions

Interactive flat panel, 4K camera & speaker phone, video conference and remote education software produces the same learning environment as if the students were in the classroom.  With an interconnected learning environment at home, students receive the same level of engagement from their teachers.