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‘Digihuman Virtual Anatomy Table’  teaching system has perfectly integrated advantages of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies in order to increase the depth of digital learning experiences, intensity learning interests and improve learning efficiency. It allows new technologies to serve teachers and students.

Digihuman Virtual Anatomy Table

The digihuman virtual anatomy table is reconstructed from the real data of continuous tomography of the human body with no organic resection and no missing, which truly restores the organ structure of the human body. It can be rotated arbitrarily, zoomed in and out of the local structure, and can be observed in multiple directions, cut arbitrarily and view the fault, it can display each structure and arbitrarily added and segmented local organs according to the level, which can well express the adjacent relationship of the organs. It can meet a variety of teaching and training needs. The system integrates many kinds of medical visualization resources and human-computer interaction techniques. The UHD realistic anatomy system of the human body, the Digihuman Anatomy System, the user interaction management system, and other systems are integrated to construct the virtual training platform. With features such as high-precision realistic anatomical structure, the high-performance anatomy teaching tool, and the interactive touch control operation, it can help users to learn about the macroscopic, microscopic, normal, and sick 3D structure.


  • 55″, 88″
  • 17000 layers: Realistic continuous sections of men/women
  • 2 sets of HD data for men/women
  • Highly Accurate Real Anatomy: Reconstruction precision of 0.1mm
  • Powerful Effective Education Tools

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