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Education Solutions

Interactive products in the classroom has great results and helps creates memories. It increases test scores, excitement to learn, and better memory of the material. This works for preschool, K-12 and higher learning. In fact, 69% of teachers saw a positive increase in test scores. 84% reported improved interest in the classwork, and an overall increase of 72% in recalling the material. Timelink USA’s educational products does just that. Our products provide an added benefit to the classroom needs. We are focused on a great student experience. Our collection of education products helps teachers in reaching their students. We make a difference through touch-enhanced interactive learning. But, we want you to see for yourself! So, contact us today to learn more.
Class room
  • In K–12 classes, TimeLink USA provides schools a large selection of products and software. We have all the things educators need and want in their classroom. Having TimeLink USA’s forward-thinking technology, improves the learning experience at a low cost. Students have fun using the products while learning at the same time. We all know that is priceless. Our IFPDs and other technologies:
    • Supports group learning and better ways to share information.
    • A safe place to create and education sessions are more exciting.
    • Creates repeated activity through learning and reviewing lessons from anywhere.
    • Adjust to different learning styles through activities for any student.
    • Provides a method for sharing and working at all learning levels.
    • Allows more than one user to work at the same time and have fun!
Higher Learning
TimeLink USA’s interactive education products for higher learning encourages students to learn and enjoy learning. Our products prepare students for their next journey in life. By providing educators with different ways for students to learn and develop the skills they need to succeed. Practice makes perfect, so we want students to be able to work from anywhere. TimeLink USA wants to help our future be their best!